There are no heroes in these lands; just thieves, thugs, and miscreants trying to survive…

Exiled, on the run, or maybe just damned
unfortunate; you’ve left the sanctuary of the
underworld to start a new life.

Amongst your people the surface is but a
mysterious realm known only through legends.
You were surprised to find the ancient ruins far
from uninhabited.

Beyond the dark gates of the subterranean empire
you will encounter strange gods, slay demons, loot
ruins, and discover ancient treasures.

The emperor’s law does not exist upon the surface
world, but there are others possessing mighty and
arcane powers who would seek to take away your
newfound freedoms.

To survive the perilous wastelands, aberrant
forests, and labyrinth-like ruins you have banded
with others much like yourself.

Together you may one day carve out an empire of
your own. But first you’ll need to find some food
and a place to lair in. You begin the story as little
more than a bandit; just another outcast of the

Outcasts of the Underworld

Tuathal kauainokaoi Yax Thromborax Bunnylorax