Outcasts of the Underworld

Conversion Notes - Cheeriaka Chee

For players of my old campaigns, I can convert your character to the new rules. Below is an example of a Player Character converted from our last campaign using the LotFP and Mutant Future rules set. The character below may appear more powerful than starting characters, it’s because this character has survived several game sessions.

PC Name: Cheeriaka Chee
Class: The Aetherling
Fighter level 2 @ 2000 XP
Magic User level 1 @ 0 XP
Ability XP 0.

INT 13; Read Magic feat unlocked
CON 7; HD Type: d6; Vitality: 3
DEX 13; Dual Wield feat unlocked
CHA 12

Renown: 1

Coins: 221 sp

Special Abilities
 Fighter – You are proficient with and can use any weapon, shield, or armor. Add your Fighter level to any attack roll.
 Aetheric Attunement – Meditating for 6 hours grants a number of random Magic User spells. # of spells based on Magic User level. Can do this once per day.

 Read Magic feat – You can read scrolls to cast spells.
 Dual Wielding feat – You can attack with melee weapons in both hands; this allows you to roll 2d6 for damage ignoring the lower of the two dice. The weapon in the offhand must be the equal or lighter of the two weapons.

 Acid Blood – When reduced to 0 hit points, the weapon of the attacker who dealt the damage is destroyed.

Aetherling Defenses
14 vs. Magical damage; wands and staves
15 vs. Psionic damage; mental effects
15 vs. Fortitude; instant death, death rays, and poisons
15 vs. Paralyze; slow, sleep, turn to stone, and petrification
16 vs. Reflex; avoiding area effects, and breath weapons



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